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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beyonce Knowles| Catwoman

Beyonce Knowles Catwoman

Beyonce Knowles Catwoman

Beyonce Knowles Catwoman
The project is still on hold at the moment, but Beyonce Knowles has said that she is hoping to get the chance to slip into the slinky one-piece first made famous by the original Catwoman herself. When she was prompted to say what she planned to do for her next on-screen role, the pop star answered, "I was going to do a film about Eartha Kitt. It's a great story."

In fact, Knowles is so keen to be a part of the movie that she would rearrange her hectic schedule to accommodate for production, should it get the green light.

That should be some interesting casting. Granted, we know that B can fill out a catsuit no problem, but the late, great Eartha's shoes would definitely be a bit harder to fill. She better start practice purring.

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