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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beyonce Knowles Getting Pregnant?
Beyonce Knowles has hinted she may get pregnant when she finishes her current world tour.

The ‘Crazy in Love’ singer – who married rapper Jay-Z in a secret ceremony last April – hasn’t got time to start a family now but insists she does want to become a mother.

She said: “I think I’ll have a child when it’s supposed to happen. Right now, I’ll be on tour for a year and, you know…”
Although she is keen to have children at some point, Beyonce says her broody feelings are being satisfied by her younger sister Solange’s son, four-year-old Jules.

The 27-year-old star said: “I just love him so much!”

Despite Solange, 23, being younger than her, Beyonce admits she relies on her sibling for advice because she is a mother.

She told Britain’s Reveal magazine: “She gives me a lot of advice because she’s had some life experiences that I’ve never had.”

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